Meet Sarah Cherry, choir member

Sarah Cherry, a teacher from Gruyere, joined the Yarra Valley Singers in February 2018 and has loved every minute since!  A mum to two children aged 1 and 2 years old, Sarah was looking for something she could do just for herself. Remembering how much she loved choir back in her high school years, she googled choirs in her area, found Yarra Valley Singers, and decided to go along to a rehearsal. Even through it was nearly twenty years since she had sung at school, falling back into singing was an easy and rewarding way of giving herself some much needed ‘me’ time. Singing makes her happy!

Sarah loves the magic that comes with singing in a group and has enjoyed singing in a mixed choir where the males voices add texture to the performance. She loves all kinds of music and doesn’t have a favourite style, which works well in a choir that preforms a diverse range of genres and styles.  So far, she has performed twice with the choir and is looking forward to the Annual Christmas Concert on Sunday 9 December for her third opportunity to be on stage with Yarra Valley Singers.

People often tell her they want to come to choir but haven’t as they are worried they mightn’t be good enough. She says that totally doesn’t matter!

“In choir, just do what you can, get up and have a go. You won’t be left behind or out of your depth because there is a whole choir around you to hold you. Everyone is trying their best. There is nothing to hold you back!

As one of the younger members of the Yarra Valley Singers, Sarah encourages people of all ages to come along and see what community choir is all about.

“It’s friendly, it’s social and it will make you feel good!”


Lindy Schneider